Reapers Tip #5 Reapers Fashion Tips

Okay, as for my last post I gave you cleaning tips. Well, since the Urban Squatch who wears a brown UPS uniform because quote ‘the ladies love a man in uniform’ tried to tell me my new clothing style is ridiculous and that I should burn them. Well, that’s painful mister Squatch. But, if you want advice here it is. 


————————–TIP #5: Fashion Advice——————————

Okay, so here it is. Wear lots of black. It’s slimming, hides stains, and it goes with everything! Hoodies are always cool, no matter what time of year it is.

Get a belt with lots of pouches, functional, you can look like a Kangaroo, plus plenty of places to store things such as Cell Phones or souls… 

Boots and jeans, no jean shorts if your a guy. Or a skeleton. Face facts, if you have hair or just bones on your legs, then is it really a great idea to go running around in Daisy Dukes? No, the answer is no. Good god, no. Thank god I can’t find that picture from Spring Break… 

Now, the one thing I like to do for jobs in the busy season, I LOVE wearing an ice cream man uniform. It gives people a sense of security, and lightens the mood. Plus… All the ice cream you want. WHOO! 


Now, as you know I’m not exactly a male model, but hey! My advice is great, and you can’t say otherwise. Says you… Stop talking Squatch, you have no reason to make fun of my style. Mister ‘Brown is the new crimson’


I’m the Reaper, I survive it fashionably so you can too! Keep on rocking.