Happy Valentine’s Day from The Reaper

Hey guys! It’s me, Thanatos/The Reaper! Since I’ve been hiding from the insane loa, who for some reason is calling himself ringmaster, this update will be short and sweet. I am currently holed up in Kansas, hopefully where the ringmaster can’t find me. Expect a couple videos after everything blows over. Urban Squatch is of course missing at this very moment, but I’m sure he’ll return eventually. And if not, well. Let’s just say Area 19 aren’t the only ones who can kidnap people and destroy lives… So anyway, I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day and I hope you can share it with someone amazing as you guys. Thanks for following me.

Reaper blog: Base 19

So. It has recently come to my attention..: 3 survivors, whom I shall not name have been kidnapped, mind wiped, and studied by a mysterious organization known as base 19. They found weakness, chinks in the armor of these survivors. Don’t worry, I won’t allow this organization to continue its dealings. They have Urban Squatch… It’s time… Time for me to retaliate with my full power…