Reapers Tips #6 Honey I shrank the kids! And a small island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle!

Are you kidding me with this? Squatch, are you reading the onion again?  Wait, this is real?! Holy smokes! This just in, we have found Lilliput! That’s right, Gilligan’s Island!  The so called ‘Mythical Island’ of shrunken people. Oh boy… My crazy roommate is at it again. Hush up Squatch, let’s not forget what you did after Danica Patrick crashed last night.Image

Sasquatches don’t make great sports pals… 

So, anyway. There once was man from Peru, who dreamed who dreamed he was eating his shoe. He woke with a fright, from the middle of the nigh only to find his dream had come true! 

Wrong limerick reaper… 

Whoops, sorry everyone. Long story short, one of our female friends visited the island not to long ago. Unfortunately, all we got back was a photo. Image She hasn’t come back in 2 months, but we aren’t giving up hope! Jack Black came back. I think… He hasn’t done many movies recently… 


So, before you take a dream vacation to Lilliput yourself, you might want to take my advice on this one. Pack useful things.

1. Take an emergency radio, and a power pot. You should be able to find a power pot at any Apocalyptic Preparedness store after this dark year there should be one in all of them, and try Amazon for an emergency radio if you don’t already have one. 

2. Take lots of water, never leave home without it. 

3. A camera. Just so that people don’t think you belong in a mental institution when you return. That and you can get on any reality show EVER and make millions off the story. 

4. A box of waterproof matches. Need a fire? Don’t have magic over pyromancy? Wasn’t a boy/girl scout? Matches should work fine for lighting a rescue fire.

5. A pocket knife. Perfect for hunting, or cutting the little tiny binds of little people. 


So, before you go to your travel agent about taking a trip to Lilliput, take my advice. Don’t go unprepared. 

Until next time, keep on rocking. Image




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