Urban Squatch’s Tips #1

Okay, as a mediator of life and death, I have a tendency to get a bad rap. No, not like Snoop Dogg. But I promise you, I am 100% legit. I give out great advice. Well, depending on your idea of ‘Great Advice’ but anyway. This if for all you werewolf ladies out there who want some love advice from someone who is actually alive. I give you, URBAN SQUATCH! You can contact him any time at our Email address. thereaperstips@gmail.com Or, even better. You could ignore him and allow the creepy skeleton to continue feeding you advice. Anyway, contact either one of us. Without further ado, I give you Urban Squatch’s tips. Seriously, don’t encourage him. 

Ahem, thanks for the intro Reaper… Not… So, todays question comes from Midnight who asks 

‘How can I get a packmate to be more than just a packmate?’ Well, I believe you werewolves love to run yes? Well, when you transform next moon run with your mate, if it’s not meant to be, he’ll try to run away from you. But, if he stays and actually talks to you, won’t that make it all the sweeter? 


Your love doctor, Urban Squatch


All right, so that’s it for this months segment. Again, please send all ideas and other news to thereaperstips@gmail.com or hey, just post in the comments below! Squatchy and I would love to see you. I am the reaper, I survive it so you can too. Keep on rocking.


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