Reapers Tip #4 Jormungandr cleaning tips

For those of you, like me. Were out on the water last night, and this morning. Trying to slay the Midgard serpent. Well, if you like me, did find the Midgard serpent, only to get eaten and having to slay it inside out. Ugh… So, anyway. Here’s some advice on getting stains out of your t-shirt! Or robes as the case may be. 

1. Try using Spray Nine, it’s widely used for survivors everywhere. But don’t use it if you are undead. It kills 99.9% of all evil undead particles. As guaranteed by Seth Greening.

2. Peanut Butter. Tastes great, and comes right out in the wash!

3. Get new clothes. Let’s face facts here, unless you like stomach acid on your shoes and t-shirts? Then your gonna have the obvious issue of smelling it every single day… So, be for real here. BURN THE CLOTHES! Maybe even get cooler clothes. LIKE ME! Image


Sorry, anyway. I promised it, and here it is. What Odin said to Baldur is unknown, but those who still wish to read the poem, here it is. Then Odin mounted the pyre. On Balder’s breast

p. 154

he laid the gold ring Draupner, and bending low he whispered in Balder’s ear. . . .

From that hour have gods and men wondered what said Odin in his son’s ear.

When Odin whispered
In Balder’s ear,
Nor god nor man
Was nigh to hear.

What Odin whispered,
Bending low,
No man knoweth
Or e’er shall know.

In silence Odin returned to the shore, and then Thor consecrated the pyre with his hammer. A dwarf named Littur, who ran past him, he kicked into the boat, where he was burned with Balder.

So ended the ceremony of grief, and the torch was placed to the pyre. High as heaven leapt the flames, and the faces of the gods were made ruddy in the glow. . . . Nanna cried aloud in grief, and her heart burst within her, and she fell dead upon the cold sea strand.

Seaward swept the burning ship. . . . The whole world sorrowed for Baldr

I am The Reaper, I survive it so you can too! Keep rocking.

Reaper of Fashion that is… DON’T MAKE ME HURT YOU URBAN SQUATCH! 

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