Ah, Valentines day. The day when St. Valentine was brutally clubbed to death. Isn’t it beautiful? Wait, how is that even close to beautiful?! So many people celebrate Valentines day as a day of love, but the only thing I can even find that the day even has to do with love, is that it was common belief that the fourteenth day of February was the day birds chose their mates. So why is it Saint Valentines day? Well, the fourteenth was the day he was executed. I suppose that’s why we celebrate it.  Reaper Tips Valentines day

Now, as for the tip, as you know, I’m a supernatural Survivologist. The 7th most trusted on the interwebs as of… New Years day. I’m not a holiday analyst. Though I hear that pays well, do you think I’d be good at it? Reaply in the comments below.

Now, this Valentines day lands on a full moon. Which could mean all sorts of supernatural baddies out there. For instance, Moon Elves. This one doesn’t seem so bad, but you never know with bloodsuckers. And of course the two most obvious… Werewolves and Anti-Cupid. So, on a night like that, what else could go wrong?! I’ll tell you what, Necromancers. Death Wizards raising Saint Valentine from the grave. Now, your probably thinking ‘Why would Necromancers try to raise a dead saint?’ Probably for heck of it. To Necromancers, breaking the veil on a full moon is fun! So, this Valentines day, I warn you. Just don’t go out February 14th. Stay in, have a nice home cooked dinner, sit in front of the TV and watch ‘Rom-Coms’ with your significant other.  Hell, it’ll probably be too cold to go out anyway. Have a good Valentines day my friends!

I am the Reaper, I survive it so you can too!


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