Reapers Tips #2 Valentines Day Demon Warning

Cupid eh? Well, I thought since this is the month of love I’d give you some tips on that old god of love. Wait, demons? Are you serious? Dang, all right. So, it seems we have a high demon alert set for February 14 this year. I know, this is an odd week isn’t it? Between the Lava Nymphs, and the Giant Cannibal Rats, I’ve barely gotten any sleep! Let alone preparing for the court date of Seth Greening of Seth on SurvivalSpecial thanks to Agent RB for warning me of this grave injustice. So, without further ado, I give you Valentines Day survival tips! So, recently I was searching through my reaper archives, and found this painting of a cupid like creature. ————> Image

So what is it you might ask? It looks human, right? Besides the black angel wings of course. I’ll tell you what it is, it’s a fallen cupid. I’ve recently seen there are always an opposite to an emotion: Anger, Joy, Sadness, also Joy, Love, HATE. Which is the job of the Dark Cupid, it was meant to split love apart. Causing hate and malice, so how do you stop this creature of hate?

Public showings of affections do tend to sicken it, but that;s not a good idea because of a Halloween incident last yearIf you see this couple. please contact myself or Seth Greening. Still missing as of 2/5/14 

What other things can you do? Hang out in a rose garden, she is really allergic to roses. She won’t even be able to get close enough to shoot you with her hate arrow. So, long story short, where love is prominent, hate cannot touch you!

I am the Reaper, I survive it so you can too! Keep on rocking friends!


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