Reapers Tip: #1

Ugh, what a week… First off, I’d like to just say this. I had absolutely NOTHING to do with Seth Greetings court date. Yes, I know how it looks… But, I am an huge supporter of Seth as a matter of fact. So, I would never do this to him.

Without further ado, I give you the first true Reaper Tip!


Lava Nymph warning: How to survive a Lava Nymph?

Today, the Kilauea Volcano went into a Volcano watch. This Volcano located in Hawaii —–>  Image

Is the worlds most active Volcano. Most volcanoes die out pretty soon after erupting once, so this brings me to the question… Is this a supernatural hotspot? Hawaii as you may know, has an extremely large supernatural community. What with the Tiki’s, and the old Hawaiian gods, you can hardly walk 2 steps without hitting something! So what makes this Volcano special? Nymphs. Controllers of nature, and ancient guardians of nature. I.E The Killauea Volcano. So, how do you survive a Lava Nymph? Well very simply actually. You try to talk to them, see if anything is bugging them, and if something is, help them with that. It should appease them somewhat. Well, unless it involves human sacrifice in which case DO NOT do it. The Reapers Tips ™ does not condone human sacrifice. Even if it is to appease an angry volcano god. 

If you don’t want to help them out, and/or can’t, I suggest running. As I said, this is very simple. Nymphs are not very complex creatures. They really just want to protect nature at all costs. So, whether your in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world, Or outside of it as the case may be. Just follow these tips and you will survive most Nymph attacks. With full Reaper guarentee!

The reaper is not responsible for any lost lives using this tips, if you have a problem take it up with the High Council. 

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