Holiday Tips #1. Anti-Claus and Dark Christmas

Hey my followers, so I’ve been extremely busy recently. After my report on hellhounds, I was hunted down by a whole horde of demons. After that, I had to do some planes walking. And now I’m being chased by even more demons, but enough about that. I’m not too worried.

No, not Black Friday. (Although, do be careful that day.)  You may not know this, but the Yuletide is ridden with supernatural forces, and creatures who break into your house. So, I’m going to list a few ways to help you survive the holidays! That is of course, if you don’t mind warding off the Grinch(s). To name one, Anti-Claus. Now, there is a demon known as Krampus. However, he is only the enforcer of the “Naughty List”. The true Anti-Claus, is much worse. His name is Claude Claus. Delivering gifts to evil adults and kids on Dark Christmas Eve is but one small part of the Anti-Clauses life.  He travels about in a black sleigh powered by 8 flying hell hounds with one Manticore leading the unholy pack. Dark Christmas begins on December 26th, and is a killer. So, how would you go about surviving such a strange holiday? (Or celebrating depending on who you are.) Here are the tips you need for the season.


1. Grab as many Christmas things you can find, break out all the stops. Poinsettia, Holly, and Mistletoe. The Anti-Claus will not bother you if you have those.

2. Contact Santa Claus. It seems that only one thing can actually kill the Anti-Claus, is his brother Nick. So, if you actually need to contact Santa, I suggest this website. Should be able to help you. Reaper guaranteed, or your survival back. (Some restrictions do apply)

3.  Make sure you don’t go outside on neither Halloween, nor December 26th. Or Dark Christmas Day.

If you do all of this, you should survive this, the Darkest Day of the year! That is besides Saint Patrick’s day.. Darn Leprachauns…

Keep on rocking followers! And have a Holly Jolly (but safe) Christmas!



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