Killer hounds of hell. They do make amazing guard dogs though.

So, Hellhounds. Interesting topic. Here’s some tips for Hellhound survival.

Hellhounds, these dogs are interesting. First off, they have been seen as far back as Nordic times, and as recent as modern times. So, here is some fun tips that you can do if a Hellhound comes for you.

Tip #1: Hellhounds love fetch. Get a stick and make him fetch it. Of course, if it’s mission was to fetch you… That might be a problem…

Tip #2: Hellhounds need attention. Just as much as a normal dog. Again, if it was here for you. Problem.

Tip #3: You can’t outrun a hellhound, they are planeswalkers. Instead, try to make friends with it. Try not to meet me at the same time, I really hate paperwork. And a hellhound attack, would take me a month to fill out.

Tip #4: If you can’t do any of the above, get Holy Water, pour it into a spray bottle, and spray them with it, It will stop the attack.

————————————If YOU are the Hellhound——————————————-

Do you know El Pollo de Diablo? If so, let me know. I’m still hunting him down…

I mean! Keep on Rocking.



2 thoughts on “Hellhounds

  1. Hellhounds… There is a creepy ghost girl haunting the trailors around here and she has a dog. Rumors have it that the dog is the real killer and she orders it too kill. My friend saw them once, luckily they didn’t attack. Maybe be ause she woke up and saw them?

    1. Hail PurpleDino.

      Well, I suppose it is possible. Tell me, what does this dog look? Can your friend describe it to you? If it is a Hellhound, tell your friend to be extremely careful. Your dealing with the worlds greatest Trackers. People almost never escape from them. My advice is, since you’re dealing with both a ghost and a hellhound, I suggest using a salt Pentagram, and if that doesn’t work. You’re friend most likely not alive anymore, and travelling with me.

      Keep on rocking PurpleDino.

      The Reaper.

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