ImageReapers. Undead killers? Or Undead Community Service workers? When it comes to the Grim Reaper, there are a few hundred  stereotypes. 1. Reapers are not exactly “Robed Skeletons”. In fact, they look human except for a few minor details: One, Reapers are notoriously stuck in the past. So, if you ever hear someone mumbling something about “I remember when the titanic was being built and this is how they treat me?”. That’s a reaper. Two, Reapers tend to carry lists. So, look for Yellow notepads when speaking to people. Three, Reapers almost never wear any color but black. Sure, they can carry off colors like white or blue, or even cheery colors such as, Yellow, or Green! Don’t be fooled. They are almost always there for someone.  So, if you see a Reaper. Run like heck. Or break out the gold. Reapers are completely against gold. If they see it, they tend to… Well, they tend to show their true selves. And when that happens, they disappear. No Reaper wants to their old selves. It reminds them that they are dead. ———————————-If YOU are a Reaper.——————————————– Don’t worry. You’re only a Reaper until the higher ups decide that you’ve paid off your time. Keep on rocking.


4 thoughts on “Reapers

      1. I want to know basicly what to do next I have this scythe and not sure how to do what i am supposed to.. I guess I am new to discovering whats happening I guess. it was currently revealed to me so I am feeling and thinking ok now what?

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