Happy Valentine’s Day from The Reaper

Hey guys! It’s me, Thanatos/The Reaper! Since I’ve been hiding from the insane loa, who for some reason is calling himself ringmaster, this update will be short and sweet. I am currently holed up in Kansas, hopefully where the ringmaster can’t find me. Expect a couple videos after everything blows over. Urban Squatch is of course missing at this very moment, but I’m sure he’ll return eventually. And if not, well. Let’s just say Area 19 aren’t the only ones who can kidnap people and destroy lives… So anyway, I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day and I hope you can share it with someone amazing as you guys. Thanks for following me.

Reaper blog: Base 19

So. It has recently come to my attention..: 3 survivors, whom I shall not name have been kidnapped, mind wiped, and studied by a mysterious organization known as base 19. They found weakness, chinks in the armor of these survivors. Don’t worry, I won’t allow this organization to continue its dealings. They have Urban Squatch… It’s time… Time for me to retaliate with my full power…

Haunted Selfies?

I should get onto the article, but first. Let me take a selfie


Reapers and Supernaturalists all over the world are asking themselves one question… Should I take a selfie? Andrea Dawn of Cincinnati posted a photo of herself on Facebook yesterday. The photo has since gone viral. Now what we should all ask ourselves is. Is it safe to take selfies?

Researchers show that 99.9% of all recent death victims took a selfie at least once in their lifetime. So of course it’s not safe! Stop putting your face out on the Internet! But as for wondering if photobombing phantasms are truly a threat? Not really. Ghosts are usually unphotogenic tending to stay out of the limelight. Even destroying photographic proof of their existence or trying to scare off pesky paparazzo. This new breed seems to be peaceful as far, but you know what they always say. Better safe than sorry. Remember to check out Seth Greenings ghost survival tips You’re safety is 99.9% confirmed.

I am the Reaper! I survive it so you can too! But first, let me take a selfie!


Missing Mummy

I lost my mummy! No, for real. My mummy Jameropsunkantu (James for short) Has escaped the underworld! Now I would normally let him run free, but unfortunately, he already had a second chance! So I’m asking you all, my reaperites, to assist finding him! Here’s our most recent photo.


However, it’s possible he’s changed to look more like

Possible reincarnation

So please, if you have any information on his location. Contact me either here, or on twitter.

River in China turns Blood Red Overnight

The water in a river in Xinmeizhou village in eastern China’s Zhejiang province turned red overnight, baffling the locals and causing Supernatural survivalists all over the world to flock to the site of this conundrum.

The quote ‘Blood River’ appeared in the Zhejiang
province between the hours of midnight and 5 AM.

Supernaturalilist  Ken Aryion had this to say about the blood river. “We believe the site to be a sort of portal to the underworld,” He stated to my interns. “We will be travelling down the river, to see if this is a correct theory.” 

My interns and I highly recommend against this. While it is not a portal to the underworld, no one knows exactly what this is. Theories go anywhere from ‘Food Coloring’ to ‘A curse placed upon the river’. Luckily, I am here to help you survive this river.


  1. Just stay away from it. Don’t go swimming, don’t fish in it, don’t even take a shower. The River is potentially deadly to those who get wet.
  2. Don’t drink from it. In case we, here at The Reapers Tips are incorrect about the ‘Portal to the underworld’ thing, like we were with the portal to the underworld in Russia, then you should most definitely avoid drinking the tap water and water from the river itself. If you have ever heard of the demigod Tantalus, you would know that any food or drink you consume in the underworld, is cursed. Now, I’m not saying you should not drink at all until this clears up, I’m just saying drink bottled water. 
  3. Report strange activity. If you see a fish jump out of the water but is quite clearly a skeleton, then you should report it to the government or myself. 

Happy Birthday to a Demigod

Happy birthday to my good friend Janus, who has survived another year. You know him as the god of choices, doorways, and wonderland. He has been a great help to me, and everyone on Seth on Survival. Mr. Hatter sir, I salute you.